Hands On Literacy

Subject(s): Language Arts

Start Time: 10:30

Jeannie Pederson (email)





Hands on Literacy
Ages: 6-10
10 kids max
50 minutes  

Cost: Free

Teacher: Sarah Mercurio (smercurio03@gmail.com)

Weekly activities will require child to have library access, a digital library, or children can choose from our personal library on certain topics. Weekly activities include reading games focusing on phonemic awareness, voting on next week’s topic, your child presenting 3 things they learned about their homework topic to the class, reading and discussing a bible verse your child will copy for homework, and a read aloud. Activities will require parents to provide reading materials and some project materials. Children will be reading and or learning in a variety of formats to include hands on activities such as creating a lego display or simple play dough sculpture about something they learned. Children are expected to complete some projects at home to return the following week and present to class three things they learned. I am a Barton tutor with an Orton Gillingham Approach; however this class is not designed specifically on the Barton system but around phonemic awareness and building a love for literacy.  Older kids are welcome to participate, especially if they do struggle with reading, as we will be working on phonics.

  1. Jeannie Pederson - August 6, 2021

    Declan Pederson

  2. Jessica Oertwig - August 6, 2021

    Caden Oertwig age 7

  3. Chrissy Johnson - August 6, 2021


  4. Katrina Tedder - August 7, 2021

    Lincoln Tedder 6

  5. Christina Fletcher - August 7, 2021

    Elijah Fletcher – 7

  6. Ashley Hentis - August 7, 2021

    Oliver Hentis- 7

  7. Sarah D'Atri - August 7, 2021

    Emma D’Atri

  8. Jackie Smiley - August 7, 2021

    Hazel Smiley-8

  9. Nicole L - August 9, 2021

    Drew Hanger-8

Registration for this class is closed.

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