High School Credit Biology Lab

Subject(s): Science

Start Time: 3:00

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High School Credit Biology Lab
Age: Those seeking high school Biology lab credit
Cost: estimating around $40 per student.  (This cost may be less depending on how many students are participating. It will be covering all of the lab supplies for just the fall semester. I’m currently trying to borrow as many things as we can to keep the cost down.)
Teacher:  Amy Geist (Tgag624@gmail.com)

This class can be used alongside any biology curriculum.  Fall semester will include labs that go along with the following biology topics: exploring the microscope, writing a lab report, cells, photosynthesis, genetics, classification, microorganisms, protists, fungi, and plants.Those are the topics covered in the first half of our biology curriculum.  This class will continue in the spring and that class will cover labs that go along with the following biology topics: animal dissections (the specific animals will be determined later), circulation/respiration, reaction time, lung excretions, and global biomes.  Those are topics covered in the last half of our biology curriculum.

My daughter is using the “Experience Biology” curriculum, so anyone is welcome to purchase and use this and follow along with us, but it isn’t necessary.  The labs we do in class should correspond with any basic biology lab topics.  I will include our sequence in case you want to coordinate any of your readings along with our lab plans.

Some of these labs will involve lab reports.  I should be able to provide some feedback that will allow you to determine “if” and “how” you want to include these completed lab reports as part of your student’s biology grade for their transcript.

  1. Tiffany Meurer - August 6, 2021

    Laura Meurer

  2. Anita Toth - August 6, 2021

    Sarah Toth (15) & Olivia Toth (13)

  3. Amy Geist - August 6, 2021


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