Photography: Switching to Manual Mode

Subject(s): Art | Photography

Start Time: 9:55

Jeannie Pederson (email)





Jessica Stumpf (
-ages 10 and up (Moms welcome)
-limit of 6 
-one teacher helper requested
-25 minute class
-mostly outdoor photography 
-must bring camera and if possible a tablet to edit photos


(This is my estimated schedule.)  
Week 1: Shutter Speed, Exposure
Week 2: Aperture 
Week 3: ISO
Find Your Light
Week 4: White Balance
Week 5: Backlit, Golden Hour
Week 6: Cloudy Day/Shade Photos
Creating a Scene
Week 7: Focus on your Subject, Rule of Thirds
Week 8: Portraits, Bokeh
Week 9: Leading Lines
Specialty Photos 
Week 10: Macro, Nature photos
Week 11: Black and White 
Week 12: Editing and Presets

  1. Tiffany Meurer - August 6, 2021

    Laura Meurer

  2. Rachel Baker - August 6, 2021

    Ava Baker

  3. Brooke Cowell - August 6, 2021

    Mason Cowell – 11

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