A class combining art skills and language arts based upon Emily Nueburger’s book, “Show Me a Story.” Students will engage their creativity and public speaking skills as they utilize their art skills to depict stories and adventures. Each week we will choose a different method to create and display our stories (i e. Story bags, mystery boxes, Story blocks, etc)

$10 buy in for most supplies, some things will be brought from home such as nature items, etc. I will hand out a list the first week of class. Please pay Ashley Hentis first day of class.

Baffling Brain Benders

Prepare to be baffled with some perplexing activities.  Through lateral thinking puzzles, codes and ciphers, Escape Rooms in a box, and fun logic questions, we will train our brains to think critically. This is great preparation for upper middle school and high school students for upcoming standardized testing.


Supplies: Folder and pencil needed, Sherlock Holmes’ Book of Conundrums

Misfiring Mechanics

Taking apart small engines, discovering how they work intricately, diagnosing the problem, rebuilding and reassembling. Mostly hands on, some sheet work. 

Magic School Bus Science

This class will work through the Magic School Bus Science Experiment kits. We will also watch a segment of the corresponding Magic School Bus episode with a light snack. Topics will include: Volcanoes, Air, Fossils, Bacteria and Fungi, Water, Stars and Planets, Acid and Bases, Lights Rainbows and Mirrors, Weather, Solids Liquids and Gases, Magnets, and the Human Body.

Exploring Creation:Flying Creatures

We will be discovering flight, building a glider, making class notebooks for fascinating facts and diagrams on birds. Will be making a cup nest, discuss many variety of bird eggs made by God’s design.  Insects are next making a bee book, ant farm, beetle flap book and experiments to watch…. May be bringing in a few live insects!  Exploring Bats as well!

Introduction to Photography

Join us while we study and practice different forms of photography including architectural, portraiture, abstract, macro, and landscape. 

Students should have access to a camera. Phone cameras, iPad camera, point and shoot, or DSLR are all acceptable. Please ensure your child knows the basic operation of their camera. 

*If your child does not have access to a camera please reach out and I will provide something for them to use during class. I have a limited amount of loaner “cameras” of sorts. 

We will host a Photography Exhibit at the end of our 6 week term during our class period. All children in the co-op will be invited to vote on their favorite photo upon arrival.  The photo with the most votes will receive a special award. Families of our class roster will be invited to “attend” the exhibit and enjoy refreshments with their photographer while enjoying the exhibit. 


Class fee covers all supplies except for the prints. Each family will be responsible for printing photos for their child’s portfolio for our Photography Exhibit.

There may be some “homework” involved such as printing or taking photos, or preparing their portfolio, etc. 

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