Music Essentials

Music Essentials  

Taught by:  Rhonda Bauer (
Grades: 3rd+  
Class size:  2-12
Cost: $15.00 (includes music book, flutophone, and stand)

Class Requirement:  NO PREVIOUS musical experience. (You WILL be bored if you know how to read music already). This class is for the student with NO PREVIOUS musical experience.  We will cover the concepts needed to help you proceed with any musical instrument chosen for lifelong enjoyment.  Topics will include the musical staff, note naming and note value, key signature and time signature, rhythm and more.  We will use the flutophone as a beginning instrument and will also reinforce these ideas with film strip, activities/games and worksheets. 

Supplies: Pencil

Outside time:  Minimum of 20-30 minutes/week


Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Ed Sewell (
Ages: 13-18 (grades 8-12)
Length: 55 minutes
Cost: None
Limit: None

Apologetics means to give an explanation or defense of the Christian faith.  This course will cover questions like how do we know that God exists, how do we know that the Bible is God’s word, how do we know that Jesus is God, and how do we know that evolution is not true.  We will also cover some of the basic Christian doctrines included in the list of apologetics questions posted on the STOA website.  The purposes of the course are to strengthen the faith of young Christians, to prepare them to share their faith with people who have questions, and to prepare them for STOA tournaments.

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