Kids Teach!

Teacher: Rachel Baker (

Ages: 6-14

Max number of students: 18

Need: 1 Helper

Do you enjoy teaching others about something you have a passion for? Maybe you love folding origami, playing Minecraft, solving crossword puzzles, doing a cool science experiment, telling jokes, building an electrical circuit, or painting a flower, and want to show other kids how to do these things? Over 12 weeks, we invite YOU to teach a class about something you love. Kids will be assigned a week to teach their classmates (or if it is a short demonstration, we may have two kids teach for one week). Students are welcome to form a small group of three or choose a partner if they would like to teach along with friends. This is a great chance for kids to gain confidence, practice proper elocution, and become leaders.

Cost: Once we have students assigned to each week and know what various topics will be covered, we will be asking students to bring in basic supplies that may be needed which they hopefully already have at home. A list will be generated after the first class, which will include those supplies. We will not be asking you to purchase additional supplies outside of the basics unless it’s something special that your child needs in order to do his or her teaching demonstration on his or her assigned week (which you may have to purchase).

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