Adventures in Editing

This class will combine acting, directing, videography, editing, costuming, etc, in a class called “Adventures in Editing” — we are borrowing the class name from the YouTube videos that inspired it …. and from our favorite radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey.  Students will work together in small groups to create and publish short 5 minute videos.  Access to a laptop with video editing software will be required for each small group.  Not all students will need laptops or video capturing devices, but they are necessary for each group to function.  Small groups will be largely independent after each video challenge is assigned.  Some groups will choose to work outside of class time.  This could be part of a fine arts credit for a high school transcript, or it could just be a fun supplement.  This link gives and example of one one the video projects we will do:

Developing Character

Developing Character
Age: 3-K
Each 50 minute session we will read a fun story that introduces/ reinforces a positive character trait. Example: kindness, caring, giving, manners. Stories each week will be followed by crafts/games/ and a Bible memory verse.
If we could get 2 or 3 helpers I could take 12-15 littles.


Artwork Calendar 1st six weeks

6 week class offered both 6 weeks – 50 minutes

Artwork Calendar is back! Join us again if you enjoyed your handmade calendar! Each week the group will receive calendar pages to design your own masterpiece for each month of the year. I will provide examples of images to draw and include step by step guided drawings to help spark some creativity. Some of the older students may wish to create their own design. At the end of the course, we will bind the calendar pages and each student will have a completed 2023 calendar to take home just in time for the new year.

Etiquette serving others

We will be discussing how to communicate with those around them such as proper introductions, behaviors around others, phone manners, hosting/ attending gatherings , table manners,  table settings, ect.. There will be role play activity to practice with each other. At the end of semester we will have a formal meal that students can show how much they have learned and dress fancy if they would like.  

shared class with Ashley Womble and Nicole Hanger


 Each week, students will take turns reading a mini mystery short story and complete follow up comprehension questions. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own short stories and drawings. 

All reading levels are welcome.  I do ask that they are able to write and spell, at minimum, phonetically. The stories we will read are short and we will take turns reading round robin style. Creativity will be the primary focus in their own short story writing. My goal is to help kids feel comfortable reading aloud and to encourage them to develop a love for reading and writing. 

The cost of the class covers all the printed material needed for each week.  Students will need to come prepared with their own pencils, crayons or colored pencils to complete their worksheets and stories.

BRAVE writers 2nd six weeks

This class is 6 weeks long and is geared towards children ages 9-12. In class we will focus on learning the mechanics of literature in a natural, literature-bathed context (following the guide from and will help lay a foundation for your child to become a BRAVE writer. You will be required to purchase a copy of “MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS” for your child to read at home and bring to class on occasion. Each week we will have select passages from the book to practice copywork/dictation, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and literary devices. 

Etiquette Class


Cost:$5 for meal
Age 9-14
Max class size 24 children
Will break off into 2 different groups for role play, activities.
Younger and older(is the idea)

We will discuss/ have role play with hands on activities each week. At the end of the semester we will have a formal meal to show off our manners we have been working on. No homework will be required outside classroom. We are encouraging the kids to show the etiquette skills we have discussed/learned at home to improve themselves. We will discuss proper introduction, phone manners, hosting/attending gathering, table manners, setting and ect.

Great Battles for Boys (OR girls) book club

Ages 8-14 

Limit 10

Cost: Free

Study Materials: Provided 


Required materials to be purchased by parents: Great Battles for Boys Ancient to Middle Ages AND Bunker Hill to WWI

Great Battles for Boys offers thrilling military history for boys ages 8-12. Show your reluctant reader the front lines of history and watch him turn into an eager reader! We will be covering TWO books in the 12 week class. 


Spartans! Persians! Romans!

Historic warriors who changed the world. But does your son know why these soldiers were fighting?

In this installment of the bestselling series filled with historic imagery, boys travel to the ancient world to learn about twelve famous military battles that drastically altered world history. They’ll also learn about the notable men who led those battles, including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and William “Braveheart” Wallace, among many others.

Beginning in Ancient Greece and Persia, the battles continue into the Middle Ages—including the Crusades—and conclude with the year 1588 when the Spanish Armada’s attempted invasion of England, and the dawn of modern naval warfare.


BOOK 2: Bunker Hill to WWI

This book takes young readers to the front lines of American history’s most thrilling clashes. Boys discover the raw truth about the colonial fight for freedom, the hardships of Civil War soldiers, the fierce battle of the Alamo, the American Expeditionary Forces winning World War I, and much more!

Packed with historic photosmaps, and notable biographiesGreat Battles for Boys also explores the military leaders, weapons, and strategies that won victory—or suffered defeat.

If your son or daughter likes action-packed stories, authentic details, and easy-to-read but exciting chapters, then he’ll love Joe Giorello’s thrilling accounts of history’s greatest battles.




BRAVEwriters 1st six weeks

This is a 6 week class geared toward 9-12 year olds and will help your child learn the mechanics of writing and literature in a natural, literature-bathed context. There will be assigned reading from “Charlotte’s Web” and we will use passages from our reading to better understand punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and literary devices. (We will be following the book guide from You will be required to purchase the book for your child to read at home and bring to class on occasion.     

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