News Writing — Newletter

Newsletter Grade: High School

Editor: Hannah Edwards                                Cost: Minimal Material Cost/Paper Contribution 

Facilitator: Michelle Edwards (                          Class Size: 6-8 students

50 minutes

The idea behind this class is to give those budding writers a safe environment to put their thoughts and talents to paper! Students will collaborate as a team in writing articles/stories and format structuring. Article topics will be determined by the students with facilitator’s help and editor’s approval. Journalists, please come to class with ideas to pitch to the editor!

This will most likely need to be an every-other week publication as to give enough time to write, edit, format, and print. Students will be expected to do their part in brainstorming and completing writing tasks each week. This may require researching or interviewing individuals to gain outside sources of information. 

Final deadlines are crucial in making this happen, so articles will be cut if unable to submit on time.

Preschool Stories and More

Class Size: 15

Ages: 3-4 year olds

Helpers: 2

Class Fee: $15

Teacher: Veronica Demski (

Each 50 minute class will begin with a time of welcoming/attendance. Then a story will be read. The story will end up being the theme for the day’s centers. There will also often be songs and poems at the beginning of class. The centers will focus on preschool skills such a building, puzzles, math, science, sensory play, imaginative play, art, and possibly cooking. All children will participate in all centers. If a child completes a center early there will be a reading area with books on the theme. After center time is complete the class will regroup and end with a story or song/poem before being dismissed. This class is for children ages 3-4. The books chosen will be some classics, new favorites, and non-fiction. There will be a variety themes including: Bears, Farm, Trains, Ocean, Night Sky, Ducks, Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, Bats/Owls, Shapes, Food on my Plate, and Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating 9 and up
Class limit 16
50 minute class

Cost: $50

Betsy Jones (
Join us to learn basic cake decorating skills and techniques. We will decorate various desserts through the semester and end with a single layer cake you can take home. All supplies will be provided.

Artsy Craftsy

Rachel Baker (

Ages: 6-13

Class Size: 20 students

Cost: Two options: (1) Buy your own supplies or (2) Pay around $10 (exact cost will be determined prior to Orientation Day) and most supplies will be provided for you weekly

Need: 2 Parent Helpers

If you love to express your creativity through arts and crafts, this class is for you! Come learn about art from around the world. Discover fun facts about famous artists. Do a Pinterest craft that is all the rage. Listen to music that inspires you while you create. We hope to see you there! (Some examples of crafts we will do this semester include: studying Alexander Calder and folding paper sculptures, making origami creatures that climb, water bottle wind spirals inspired by Dale Chihuly, painting hiking sticks, cloth sun prints, pine cone Christmas trees, and bottle cap musical instruments.)

**Supply list and class schedule will be sent via Basecamp several weeks prior to the first class

Bible Stories

Ed Sewell (
Bible Stories
Ages: 8-12
Length: 50 minutes
Cost: None
Limit: None

The theme this semester will be “The Life of Paul.”  This is a series of Bible stories that I prepared for Awana and for Bible camp.

Beginning Karate

Beginning Karate. Ages 6 and up.  Cost: $25. 
Teachers: Addie and Ben Janssen (Jen facilitating and participating). (

This class will introduce students to the basics of self defense. Students will need to wear comfortable clothes and their belt each week, but a gi is not required during co-op classes. Plan to get stronger, more disciplined, and have a lot of fun!  Fee will help off-set the cost of karate bags/shields and necessary class materials.  Any student below green belt is welcome.  Current Bushido students are welcome to join for an extra workout, space allowing.  (Class size limit: 12).  

Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking 101

Ages: 1st-3rd

Class Size: 15-20 students

Need: 1 Parent Helper (if available-not necessary)

Cost: $5

Teacher:  Whitney Jones (

Come have fun learning how to speak in front of other peers through games, show and tell, and story telling. We will work on wiggling out the nerves of standing up and speaking in front of others while we learn certain skills like eye contact, tone, posture. This class will lay the foundation to help your student become a confident speaker.

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