Earth Science

Subject(s): Science

Start Time: 8:30

Crystal Bova (

Ages: 1st-3rd Grade

Length: 50 minutes

Term: Full Semester

Fee: $0

Limit: 10

Hands on projects/activities learning how our planet is made and works following Apologia Earth Science curriculum. 
Week 1: Making/shaping the land

Week 2: Hydrosphere- Phases of water

Week 3: Hydrosphere-Bodies of water

Week4: Atmosphere-Air pressure

Week5: Atmosphere-Temperature/Humidity

Week 6: Climate-Solistice/Equinox

Week 7: Weather-Precipitation/Clouds

Week 8: Weather-Forecast/ Sky conditions

Week 9: Biosphere-Forest/Desert

Week 10: Biosphere-Tundra/Ocean/Ecosystem

Week 11: Life Cycles- Rock Cycle/Mineral Cycle

Week 12: Life Cycles- Water/Carbon/Nitrogen

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