Preschool PE

Subject(s): Physical Education

Start Time: 8:50

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Physical Education
Ages: 3-5 years
Class limit: 20
Duration: 25 minutes
Teacher: Karleen Phillips (

Cost: $5

What is physical education?
-Instruction in physical exercise and games!
-While most may think of the class at school where you learn basic ways of exercise, this course will be so much more. We will be bringing much more than jumping jacks to the table. With fun activities involving music and sports, learning not only what healthy food options are, but why they are so important for our bodies. There is sure to be a little art involved some days too.

What type of things can you expect?
-25 minutes of activity (most of the time)
-A better way of teaching health that the mind of your little one will understand
-Lots of random dancing and fun music
-A “take home” fact that students can share with you each week
-Ever heard of ribbon dancing? Yep, we plan on doing that!
-The history of when and why we began to exercise for health
-Food Play (yes, it is as messy as it sounds)
-Fun and silly games
-New music
-The food chart and what we should be eating
-Water intake and what its doing for your health
-Basic exercises and how to properly do them
-Why we need to make sure our pups and other furry companions need exercise and how you can help them get it
-Meeting new friends that may just last a lifetime!

But what do I wear to such a place?
-Please make sure your child is in clothing that they can move freely in!
-Coats/Jackets for the cooler Midwest months.
-An extra outfit may not be the worst idea on food play days, parents will be notified on those days.
Most importantly!!
-Bring your smile and hunger to learn! I really look forward to making connections with each and every one of you and your children.

  1. BETSY JONES - August 6, 2021

    Aaron Jones

  2. Rachel Jones - August 6, 2021

    Hank Jones – age 5

  3. Crystal Bova - August 6, 2021

    Andrew Bova age 4

  4. Desiree Darling - August 6, 2021

    Abigail Darling

  5. Whitney Jones - August 6, 2021

    Everlee Jones

  6. Karleen Phillips - August 6, 2021

    Kaylor Phillips 5
    Kollette Phillips 3

  7. Chrissy Johnson - August 6, 2021

    Auggie Johnson

  8. Amanda Biffar - August 6, 2021

    Charles carman age 4

  9. Amanda Biffar - August 6, 2021

    Evelyn Burch age 6

  10. Christina Fletcher - August 7, 2021

    Hannah Fletcher – 4

  11. CandaceEdgar - August 7, 2021

    Harry Edgar 5

  12. Nicole Ellet - August 7, 2021


  13. lindsey greenfield - August 7, 2021

    Charlie Greenfield 5
    Max Greenfield 3

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